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Changes to Keele People

Some changes will be made in early February to the way our HR/Payroll system, Keele People, is hosted.

From 8 February, rather than being hosted on servers managed by the University, the system will move to being hosted in the Cloud. This will help the system to run faster, as well as making it available even if connection to campus servers is lost.

To enable the move to take place, the system will be unavailable for both employee self-service and operator/admin for a week from 5pm on Friday 29 January.

This means that colleagues will be unable to access the system to carry out tasks such as booking annual leave, viewing payslips, and booking onto training workshops, amongst other things.

The only change which colleagues will notice once this move has taken place will be that the log-in method will change to the Microsoft log-in (email address and password) rather than the existing username and password log-in.

Colleagues who have Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication enabled will also need to authenticate using this new method once the log-in has changed.

Once logged in, the system itself will look and work the same as colleagues are used to.

Past Incidents

16th January 2021

No incidents reported

15th January 2021

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14th January 2021

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13th January 2021

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12th January 2021

Microsoft O365 Issues accessing files on Teams

We are receiving reports of some staff having issues accessing files through Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.

We have been in touch with Microsoft about this and hope to provide an update with more information soon. Apologies for any inconvenience this is causing.

  • These issues have now been resolved

  • Microsoft have confirmed they are investigating issues with users accessing files on SharePoint online, including via Teams. They will provide a further update after 5pm.

  • Turnitin Turnitin Performance Issues

    We are receiving reports of issues with Turnitin, which are also being experienced by colleagues at other institutions.

    We have reported these issues to Turnitin, who are working to resolve them as soon as possible. Apologies for any inconvenience this is causing.

  • Turnitin has confirmed that these issues were part of wider UK network issues and weren't caused by issues at Turnitin.